Kent Miners Statue

Waiting Miner Statue a statue of a kent Miner at Betteshanger country park

“Should it stay or should it go” The Trustees of the new Kent Mining Museum have notified me of their intentions to move our Waiting Miner Statue, down into the park. The position where it is today was chosen by All four Kent mining communities as its last resting place. When the Memorial site was unveiled it was ordained by 5 different religions. Sadly some of those miners have passed away and have had their ashes scattered at the site and wreathes have been placed on the Statue.

Being visible 24/7 where it is today has turned it into a Kent Mining Icon. It took the MoveTheMiner committee around 3-4 years of negotiating with Kent mining communities, resulting in them choosing the entrance to Betteshanger Park as the most suitable position for the statue.

I still believe in democracy and in my opinion it should be those same mining communities who say whether or not it should stay or should it go? Please contact me with your open opinions, on here or via email or 07800545135. Gary Cox.

Photo Courtesy of Geograph

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